The Adelaide Hills are blessed with a unique climate. South Australia’s vineyards occupy prime position when it comes to great wine grape potential.

The comparatively higher altitude delivers the perfect recipe – long, slow-ripening days, and ideal chilly nights to protect the distinct flavour of each variety.

The twisting hills, numerous steep slopes and deep valleys provide a variety of different microclimates within the region which allow complex layered wines to be produced.

Choosing the right clone

Simon's experience has taught him that using the right clone is an important step in producing outstanding fine wine. The clones used in making his wines, demonstrate true varietal character, with purity of flavour.


A collection of cool climate clones have been selected and grown. Generally they are lower yielding, earlier ripening clones with open clusters unlike many other Syrah clones.


Made from a selection of clones which include the Bernard 95, 96, 76 & I10V1. Which are some of the most popular cool climate Chardonnay clones in Australia.

Sauvignon Blanc

F4V6 is one of the most highly rated Sauvignon Blanc clones and was first registered in Australia in 1975. The original selection was from Chateau d'Yquem in France in the 1880's via Wente Vinyards, California, in 1958. This clone has moderate yields, bunch size, berry size and bunch compactness. This clone produces pronounced aromatic and tropical varietal character.

Pinot Noir

We have chosen the MV6 & 777 clones. These clones have moderate yields, bunch size, berry size and bunch compactness and produces fruit with pronounced aromatic and rich berry characters.

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