Introducing our brand new pinot noir

Introducing our brand new Pinot Noir - the first Pinot Noir we’ve produced from our Woodside vineyard.

Grown from our MV6 clone - which was first planted in Mt Pleasant in the 1920s - on a highly elevated site (480m) with a Southerly aspect - perfect conditions for the ripening of high-quality fruit. 

To create this limited edition wine, in the cool of the morning in March 2018, we carefully selected and hand-harvested a small parcel of our Pinot Noir fruit. Just 1 tonne of grapes were selected, lightly pressed and fermented on skins for about 14 days, with approximately 9 months maturation in French oak barrels. 

We’d love you to try this wine and let us know what you think! It’s available in limited quantity on our website.

*If you’d like to stock this wine in your restaurant or establishment, please get in touch via email or phone 0400 710 677.